How do i delete all data off PS3 without deleting games?

Im trying to sell my PS3. How do i delete all my data off of it and leave the games that i purchased form the PSN?

Also, I recently bought Battlefield 3. BF3 comes with a code that you enter and it lets you download a Map-Pack extension. Is it possible to delete all my personal progress in the game such as all the classes and guns I’ve unlocked without deleting the Map pack extension?

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  1. Written by Guest
    on January 31, 2012 at 8:26 am
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    Yeah just look for a file under games in your xmb I think its called game saves or something these files have all your progress but are not the games them selves, there file size should be small, your games are saved in you data file I believe these are much bigger and you can tell that there not game saves

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